2014 to send 5000 facebook friend requests to specific groups without any ban:exclusive

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

2014 to send 5000 facebook friend requests to specific groups without any ban:exclusive

???? abdellah mechri ??? الأحد، 4 أغسطس 2013 0 التعليقات

to send  5000 facebook  friend requests

to specific  groups  without any ban 

….exclusive 2014


Today , i bring to you a a terrific ,wonderful and efficient topic about facebook which is a little bit new method to increase the number of friends in facebook.

First :enter this website click here If it enters to this surface then keep following the explanation , if it doesnt try again and again till you get it like it shows the picture

Enter the facebook security code If you dont know how to extract it go to this website here Then watch the video to see how to extract the facebook security code go to facebook Copy the security code then past it on the right column click on « facebook friends adder » the first choice on the right you will find in the middle of the page « facebook friends adder » click on it , then agree on all applications that will be offered on you (ofcourse your facebook should be logged in) after that ,they will ask you to write or past the security code that you extracted it. Finnaly, i twill send friend requests to friends of your friend & there is a possibility to send them even to specific groups Citation :i advise you to participate at exchanging fiend requests beccause they will accpet most of your freind requests without blocking your facebook account .this method is exclusive and still working 30/7/2013. I hope that i did my best & i hope that you brothers like our page at facebook.for more information or explanation or any questions just write it as a comment in our page & we will answer with all our pleasure . Thank you ! « informatique -top » Copyrights : All Rights Reserved

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