Publishing Google adsense’s ads in one thousand facebook’s groups to gain 1 dollar for one click

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

Publishing Google adsense’s ads in one thousand facebook’s groups to gain 1 dollar for one click

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Today,i bring a very exclusive topic for « informatique-top » blog followers.which is publishing Google adsense’s ads in thousands of facebook groups just by clicking a button .you will ask your self how and why but the method is’nt like the adress ,it’s better .because, the viewers will see the ads & they click on them which improves your blog or your website rank in Eliska.then, the method will contribute in bringing visits too and the advantages that i mentioned below and more ……1st :create a facebook acount 2nd :join 1000 or more face book groups3rd :make a part of your blog or your website to care about news or stories or Wonders and marvels.You will ask how and why ??!!!My experience is that i tried to publish a juicy news which says that Sharone is alive again , icopied the news and i published it in my blog then i transmited the news to 100 face book groups attached with an intresting picture of Sharone in the deathbed and a comment : « The doctors are surprised of Sharone’s return to life after seven years of coma » .Do you know what was the result ??!!I swear that i didnt believe that more than 6000 persons followed the link to see the news in 48 hours.imagine that i published the news in one thousand groups or 10 thousands group , of course the result will be impressive !!!Now , we will see how to publish topics in all groups that you are a member in with just one click :

First : extract the security code of facebook ,for those who dont know this website will show how and it contains a vedeo of 30 scnds which explains how to extract the security code here Website pictures


  Fourth : go to this website ,this its picture  

Citation : this web site is not legal so if u didnt get this interface try again and again till u get it. Fifth : enter the security code of facebook in the middle of the icon and click on « loadnew ». . . Sixth : click on agree for all shown applications (the facebook should be online of course )
. Go to « facebook friends adder » on the top right . Click on « facebook friends adder » . On the middle of the page click on agree and it strats sending some friend reguests then it stops . then. it apperas an icon that you will choose some groups from it to join . . I advise you to participate at exchanging friends request groups because they will accept most of your friends request without blocking your facebook account . Thank you !

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